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Gorgeous Amore Wigs For the New Woman

Did you know that the Amore Designer Series Collection is one of three major collections manufactured by Rene of Rome, an extremely respected member in the men and women's alternative hair sector? The Amore Designer Series from Rene of Rome is their top end wig line and was first introduced in 1998 comprising, according to their PR, "The ultimate alternating of science and art. "
Amore wigs are designed to answer the special needs of customers suffering with hair loss due to hair follicle associated illnesses such as types of Alopecia, genetic or non genetic causes, stress, or from medical procedures such a rays and chemotherapy. However, anyone can get and enjoy the advantages of these top quality wigs.
Wig lids by Amore feature a double monofilament layer top cap, which is hand-tied for more ventilation, as well as calibrated machine wefting along the sides and back. The double monofilament layer of the cap not only allows the individual wearing to clean and part their hair in every direction, but also increases the illusion of skin, making it seem that the hair is growing through your natural scalp. Amore wigs allow for fitting adjustments and a polyurethane strapping tab along the front for all day provides secure comfort. Consequently, the Amore Designer Series Collection is unsurpassed in providing alternative hair solutions with style versatility. With design features that result in more softness, durability of materials, and comfort, Amore wigs are readily available for both adults and children. They are incredibly successful by providing an especially natural look.
These wigs are developed for a wide variety of face shapes with styles ranging from traditional short pixie or mid length bobs,red hair wig to sleek chic contemporary cuts. In addition to their various Amore wig styles, they offer monofilament construction top pieces that add more length, bounties, as a high lighter, or more style versatility with texture and volume. And a halo molded cap-like construction with a band of shoulder skimming length hair around the side and back and easily-removed fringe bangs that is called a ROP Halo, which can be worn underneath a hat or scarf.
Rene of Rome has also a number of maintenance accessories for Amore wig users ranging from wig stands, wig liners and wig lids to be worn beneath an Amore wig, to brushes, and shampoos, holding product, and a reviving liquid enhancement intended for unnatural wig fibers.
All wig manufacturers supply color rings to online Online wig stores have color rings supplied by wig designers that can be bought or borrowed to customers so they are able see the actual wig colors. Computer monitors do not effectively show a wig's color swatch, so to be sure of the accuracy of a swatch color use a color ring from the wig manufacturer. Amore wigs use the Rene of Rome color ring.
Your shopping experience can be revolutionized with a customer service friendly site. As you search the internet for a hair alternative you will find the same wig on a number of sites. The price of a wig and the web site's customer service will frequently be the most important element for a large number of consumers.
Online stores use all sorts of enticements to get you to order with them ranging from special bargains to "members only" special prices, to brags of offering the lowest price. Be wise because often when you arrive at the checkout, you may only be able to use one code but pay shipping costs or for a very low price wig you end up paying high shipping fees. It's definitely worth your time to do some comparison-shopping for a particular style. In the end you may find the unique Internet wig boutique, e-Wigs. com with its excellent customer service, and a policy that simply states: lowest price guarantee and FREE shipping everywhere within the continental USA. Enjoy your shopping, but shop smart!
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